Light Up Lancaster 2019

For Light Up Lancaster 2019 GRAFT are running DIY Film!, a free, drop-in film making workshop: take a trip into the skies and star in your own video artwork with GRAFT’s DIY film workshop! Make a 15 second film using green screen technology to project your image in amongst the clouds, or all the way into deep space. All films will be exhibited in GRAFT’s pop-up video art gallery and can be accessed online.

Find us in the Thomas Storey Room at The Storey, 27 Meeting House Lane, Lancaster LA1 1TH.

01/11 – 5.30-9.30pm
02/11 – 5.30-7.30pm

To see the films in our online TikTok Gallery:

  1. Download the TikTok app on your phone, or go to on a computer
  2. Search graftlancaster or #diylul19 to find our gallery of films made during our workshop. It might take up to an hour for your film to appear, so please be patient!
  3. You can also go directly to or


Reflex, Megan Visser (2018)

For Light Up Lancaster 2019, GRAFT have partnered with local businesses to screen work from 5 artists from across the UK. All works explore different ‘DIY’ approaches to contemporary film making, using footage shot on phones, staging, props and 3D animations.


A Morecambe Skyline, Lancaster Castle Wander/Run, iPhone 7 Plus, 21/10/19, 16:57, Jamie Jenkinson (2019)

JOURNEY SOCIAL, 59-61 King St, Lancaster LA1 1RE
ROOM 12, 21 Dalton Square, Lancaster LA1 1PL
ST NIC’S ARCADE, 12 Lancaster Gate, Lancaster LA1 1NB
WATERSTONES, 2-8 King St, Lancaster LA1 1JN
THE RADISH, 24 New St, Lancaster LA1 1EG

First Proper Outing, Sade Mica (2019)
Snow Romance, Soohyun Choi (2016)
These Fossils Are Our Fuels, Jaf Yusuf (2018)