JAM was four artist events happening around St. George’s Quay at the end of Summer. Visitors MADE a group artwork, LEARNT how to use the sun to make incredible images, and JOINED their neighbours for a community event and performances. All events were FREE and open to ALL. 

BONNIE CRAIG ran a tile making workshop inspired by maritime maps and monsters. The result was a community created map, which is on display in Lancaster Maritime Museum.

THEO VASS ran a cyanotype printing workshop at Lancaster Maritime Museum. We collected found objects from around St. George’s meadows and created our own compositions using the sun.

SHONAGH SHORT invited residents of St. George’s Quay to a tea party with a twist. We had tea and cake to celebrate the creation of a new community. Shonagh also ran a workshop where we made flags and learnt how to send a semaphore message across the River Lune.

GRAFT commissioned KATHRYN TOVEY to create new sculptures relating to Lancaster’s Maritime landscape. Wearable fish-heads told stories about living near water when visitors put them on.

Photo credit: Joel Maudsley