28/09 – 01/10/2017

The overgrown back garden of an East London semi-detached was transformed for Art Licks Weekend 2017 into Allen Road Sculpture Park.

Set among 0.006 acres of suburban wilderness between the luscious green of Victoria Park and the bustle of Roman Road, an ordinary garden was Bow’s premier sculpture park, featuring site-specific work by Michaela Cullen, Karanjit Panesar and Dominique White.

Allen Road Sculpture Park was GRAFT’s launch project, turning the idea of the sculpture park on its head, taking it from the country to the city, and making a private space public. GRAFT aims to subvert and challenge typical experiences of contemporary art, creating opportunities to exhibit young artists and connect with local communities.

Get on the tube, keep your money in your pocket and leave your walking boots at home.

Supported by Arts Council England.

Photographs by Corey Bartle-Sanderson.

Allenroad 12
A Slovenly Classic II, Karanjit Panesar and They can see in front of them, I can’t see behind me, Michaela Cullen
Allenroad 16
A Slovenly Classic III, Karanjit Panesar
Allenroad 3
A Slovenly Classic I, Karanjit Panesar
Allenroad 17
The Miserable Occupations, Michaela Cullen

Allenroad 21

Allenroad 18
An Eternity of Purgatory, A Lifetime of Hell, Dominique White

Allenroad 29

Allenroad 26
Talk me down and out my head in a double bed, Michaela Cullen
Allenroad 22
Jaded, Michaela Cullen
Allenroad 1
At home with the family, Michaela Cullen

Allenroad 24Allenroad 32Allenroad 37Allenroad 2Allenroad 34Allenroad 35Allenroad 30