A fringe event for Light Up Lancaster

Indrani Ashe/ Jayoon Choi / Hannah Catherine Jones / Eden Mitsenmacher / Ayesha Tan Jones

02 – 03/11/18


A Light Up Lancaster fringe event, GRAFT presented a trail of video art through the city centre, presenting exceptional films in unexpected locations.

The work was shown on 5 screens installed in windows of local businesses – shops, cafes, offices, council buildings, hairdressers – facing the street around the city centre. Films were shown on a loop; audiences could engage with them for a few seconds, or for several rotations of playback.

This project considered video work as a means of exploring identity and image construction through visual language, relating to the importance of location and cultural background. Each work investigates various contexts for the role of place in building identities. The selected artists present a different approach to video art, ranging from animation to performance to camera, photo collage to digital manipulation.