Art Licks Weekend
Paul Coombs / Joe Cotgrave

In collaboration with GAFF, London

LAUNCH 04/09/18, 6 – 9pm
OPEN: 05 – 07/09/18, 12 – 6pm
EVENT: 07/09/18, 2 -3 pm

A conversation between 2 artists, 2 spaces and 2 cities.

Homework simultaneously brought together the work of artists Joe Cotgrave at GRAFT, Lancaster and Paul Coombs at GAFF, Walthamstow in a collaborative conversation. Each artist occupied separate domestic spaces in London and Lancaster, producing and installing work over the course of the show. The pieces created and exhibited over the course of these residencies were both reflective of and responsive to each artists’ practice, as well as being shaped by the domestic spaces the work inhabited. Both artists explore themes of identity, sexuality and body through physical manifestations in sculpture, seeking to communicate their lived experience through collective experiences within performative or workshop settings.

Taking place as part of Art Licks Weekend 2018, Homework explored means of using mutual support and resource sharing as a solution to creating new networks that branch outside of the dominant arts scene to smaller artist led communities in the wider UK. Collaboration between GRAFT in Lancaster and GAFF in Walthamstow opened a dialogue across the UK, offering each other a platform to become visible to audiences in London and Lancaster.